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Speaking Skill is an act to converse or to express one's thoughts and feelings in spoken language.It is an ability to communicate effectively. To make students confident, to improve their voice modulation and their ability to connect with audience, the school organized a SPEAKING SKILLS COMPETITION among the students of Pre School on 31st Aug18 i.e. Friday. The students who got FIRST three positions in each section were awarded with Certificates. Their names are as under :-Class-PRE SCHOOL -A1.Umang Bhardhwaj (FIRST POSITION )2.Prisha Khatri  ( SECOND POSITION )3.Rachita ( THIRD POSITION )Class-PRE SCHOOL-B1.Alisha Jain (FIRST POSITION )2.Vivansh Kharbanda ( SECOND POSITION )3.Manvi  ( THIRD POSITION )Class-PRE SCHOOL-C1.Eshan Miglani (FIRST POSITION )2.Aanya Sharma ( SECOND POSITION )3.Yug Gola (THIRD POSITION )4.Vrinda Srivastava ( THIRD POSITION )Class PRE SCHOOL-D1.Divyansh  (FIRST POSITION )2.Zeene ( SECOND POSITION )3.Angel ( THIRD POSITION )4.Sanvi Arora  ( THIRD POSITION )Class PRE SCHOOL-E1.Ritisha Mukherjee  (FIRST POSITION )2.Chirag Aggarwal ( SECOND POSITION )3.Aadya Tiwari ( THIRD POSITION )4.Jigyasa  ( THIRD POSITION )